Add Drama to your Exterior with Dark Hues

Add Drama to your Exterior with Dark Hues

Looking for a siding color that’ll evoke mood instantly? Go dramatic with your color choice—opt for a dark hue. Designing home exteriors with a darker palette (even shades of black) is a new national and Midwest trend. Here in the Midwest, gray-toned homes with white trim are the most popular look. To boost the drama,… Continue Reading

Shutters That Complement Your Siding

Outfitting your windows with shutters—or painting the ones you have—could add personality to your home’s exterior in a snap. Shutters used to serve the main purpose of shutting out the weather, but these days many home shutters are purely decorative. Pumping up their look is a simple, design-savvy way to add an accent color to… Continue Reading

Exterior Updating: Don’t forget the garage door

When siding your home, it’s sometimes easy to overlook a giant piece of the exterior equation—the garage door.   You want to do justice to the look of your Midwest home, whether it’s a Colonial, craftsman or Tudor. Some homeowners choose a garage door color that blends with their home siding choice. Others choose a… Continue Reading

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

When looking for the ideal siding contractor, choosing the company that gives you the lowest bid will not suffice. You need a contractor that will install your siding correctly and stay with you in case you encounter problems with your siding somewhere down the road. Ask your siding contractor the following before signing a contract… Continue Reading

Roofing Upkeep and Inspection: How it’s Done by the Pros

Semi-annual roof inspections are essential to keeping your roof in shape. After all, there are some things that only a professional can spot and solve. Hiring a contractor can also help you avoid unpleasant surprises. They can check for post-winter damage or clear off debris for all the leaf shedding that will happen in fall. Continue Reading